M&M Special pitching horseshoes

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Price $85 per pair . Save 10% on multiple pair orders

Update March 3rd 2021 Delivery times  now seem to be returning to  normal, typically delivery would be in the range of 5-8 business days .

Please don't forget to let us know your color choice in the notes section during checkout or e-mail us directly. For more information & color choices  go to the  bottom of this page. If no colors are selected a pair of random colors will be sent out.


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The M&M Special is NHPA Sanctioned and legal for play in tournaments and leagues.

The M&M Special Horseshoe is one of the best selling  horseshoes of all time. From it's release records have been shattered and World Championships won using the M&M Special Horseshoe. It is the original "M" shaped horseshoe often imitated but never duplicated. The M&M Special Horseshoe is designed for maximum comfort, reliability and perfect balance. With it's massive hooks, unique ringer breaker and first of it's kind shape the M&M Special continues to be a top choice among pro pitchers. 

 Along with the many World Titles the M&M Special has also been used to set many world records. The most prominent records are complete tournament 88.2% (1 1/4 turn),World Tournament qualifying 89.7% (1 1/4 turn) , most 90% games complete tournament seven (1 1/4 turn) consecutive ringers 60 (flip) The M&M Special pitching horseshoe is one of the only horseshoes pitched for an average above 87% in the World Tournament by more than one horseshoe pitcher.  

 Since day one we have always painted each pair of horseshoes by hand. This allows us to let you pick your favorite color combinations. So when you get ready to checkout on our shopping cart there is a box to add special instructions. Here just let us know the colors you would like on which model. Our current colors are red, blue, green, white,  yellow,  orange,  black, pink, purple. Normally our horseshoes are 2 tone but we also do solid colors as well. Something we added a few years back and has been very popular is the special tri color horseshoe our USA color blue with one red and one white tip.  If you order 2 pair we generally switch the rotation on the second pair which would have a white back with one red and one blue tip. All other horseshoes are limited to 2 colors. If you have no color choice you will be sent a pair of random colors

Prices include shipping USA only (all others inquire)  



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