About Us

 Almost 40 years ago I learned how to pitch horseshoes during some family summer camping trips. From that first time  pitching horseshoes I was hooked. Every long weekend from May through September the big thing at the campground was the horseshoe tournament. All in hopes of taking home that first place trophy.  Like most everyone else at the campground I started out pitching the flip style but after about 4 years with some urging switched to the 1 3/4 turn.. A few years after that I was introduced to organized horseshoes and with a lot of practice managed to rank in the top 10 in the World and finishing 8th at the 1993 World Championships. Somewhere in between around 1985 I started to design my own line of horseshoes. The first model was the M&M Special horseshoe, which based on sales and horseshoe pitching records set has to considered one of the best horseshoe designs of all time. Many of my family members also enjoy pitching horseshoes including my wife , son, father and sister whom was a 2 time World Champion, plus many nieces and nephews. Pitching Horseshoes is  truly a family sport.