All horseshoes carry a one year limited warranty against manufacturers defect that results in premature failure (breakage) One year is from original purchase date. The Warranty will be void if the horseshoes have been modified or subjected to abnormal usage. Signs of abnormal usage would be severely rolled edges, points and or ringer breakers loosing cosmetic definition All signs of the horseshoe being wore out. Examples of modifications are grinding,(removing or modifying) details such as ringer breakers, toe or heal caulks, etc. If you feel your horseshoes have broke as a result of manufacturers defect and not one of the items listed above contact us via our contact page for a WRN number. Once you have received and WRN number you will be instructed to send back both horseshoes in the original box with proof of purchase date and sellers name clearly legible in the upper left hand side of the box. Buyer is responsible for return freight both directions. Due to the many variables this warranty is limited to one replacement per purchase. It is very rare for a horseshoe to break under warranty and any breakage of a second pair would be classified as abnormage usage. Most people will never break a horseshoe, but like any product subjected to high impact, how many or how hard the impact is greatly determines the life cycle of the product along with the court construction.

To increase the life of your horseshoes make sure your horseshoe courts have stakes mounted in wood not concrete. Concrete is rigid and increases the impact of the horseshoe hitting the stake. The ONLY acceptable use of cement is if the horseshoe stake is surrounded by a form of insulater sleeve then put into cement. Good proper sized sleeves are hard to find and I suggest just taking the safe way and using the railroad tie method shown on our horsshoe court contruction page. Keep your horseshoes painted it also acts a shock absorber when hitting the stake.