Which weight should I select?

Typically for a new pitcher we recommend medium weight horseshoes. They offer the best combination of stability in flight while not being so heavy they come up short. As time goes on and you get more familiar with your pitching style you may then want to experiment and look into the other weights. Light horseshoes are easier to pitch but are more vulnerable to wind and for some people stability in flight can be an issue. For me and my style I have never been able to pitch a horseshoe under 2lb 9oz successfully. Heavy horseshoes are the most stable in flight and are less lightly to bounce off but can be tiresome on the arm. Many of the great pitchers use heavy horseshoes

What is the Purpose of the Ringer Breaker?

The ringer beaker causes the horseshoe to spin when hitting the stake which stops the horseshoe from bouncing off. Pitching ringers is hard enough the last thing you want is for it to bounce back off.The M&M Special had the largest ringer breaker ever designed when it came out 25 years ago since then many have copied it's idea. But whether it be the big ringer breaker of the M&M Special or the smaller ringer breakers featured on the Python and A-Mac, horseshoes with ringer breakers will have less bounce-offs than those that don't.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Our goal is to have the horseshoes delivered to the customer within 7 days of receiving their order. We have shipping system which most of the time will get you the horseshoes even quicker than the 7 days.