A-Mac Smooth pitching horseshoes

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The A-Mac Smooth Horseshoe (The World's first and only ergonomic pitching horseshoe)

The A-Mac Smooth pitching horseshoe has all the same features as the original A-Mac except the ringer breaker has been removed. A feature the flip style pitchers should appreciate. It is NHPA Sanctioned and legal for play in tournaments and leagues The A-Mac & A-Mac Smooth horseshoes are the World's first and only ergonomic pitching horseshoes. No other horseshoe looks like them. No other horseshoe feels like them and above all No other horseshoe performs like them. The body of the A-Mac & A-Mac Smooth are tilted to scientifically designed angles which help distribute the weight of the horseshoe more evenly over the fingers and thumb. Unlike conventional flat horseshoes which cause high pressure points which leads to blistering and inconsistent release. The A-Mac Smooth is the smoothest releasing horseshoe ever created. No more blisters, No more gloves and No more pain. Of coarse the A-Mac Smooth is all about horseshoe ergonomics but we took the time to add in some design theories of ours which were meant to make this horseshoe very predictable and stable in flight along with making it very versatile for all pitching styles. We also knew to be successful at pitching horseshoes you need confidence so we made the A-Mac Smooth as large as legally possible to help make the horseshoe pitcher feel like there is no way they can miss with this horseshoe.

Who should use the A-Mac Smooth pitching horseshoe? Anyone who struggles with their release, has to wear gloves to stop blistering, suffers from finger or joint pain in general, or any pitchers who have played this fine game for a long time and thinks their results are not reflecting the amount of effort put out. Maybe it's not you at all, maybe it's your horseshoes!!


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Since day one we have always painted each pair of horseshoes by hand. This allows us to let you pick your favorite color combinations. So when you get ready to checkout on our shopping cart there is a box to add special instructions. Here just let us know the colors you would like on which model. Our current colors are red, blue, green, white,  yellow,  orange,  black, pink, purple. Normally our horseshoes are 2 tone but we also do solid colors as well. Something we added a few years back and has been very popular is the special tri color horseshoe our USA color blue with one red and one white tip.  If you order 2 pair we generally switch the rotation on the second pair which would have a white back with one red and one blue tip. All other horseshoes are limited to 2 colors. If you have no color choice you will be sent a pair of random colors






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