Expand the Strike Zone

Just like in bowling where the goal is to find an angle into the pocket which gives you the biggest margin of area and still strike, horseshoes is the same. Every time we line up a horseshoe and pitch it we are generally aiming for the middle of the stake. But reality is sometimes the horseshoe drifts a little right but is still a ringer and sometimes it drifts a little left and is still a ringer. All is good but most people including myself have this habit of either getting a ringer or missing more on the right side of the stake,in essence I am only using half of my horseshoes potential. Which greatly reduces my chances for a ringer. The ultimate goal is to get your alignment down to a point where half of your misses are on the left side of the stake and half on the right. Which will in turn mean more around the stake. For me to correct my problems I moved as far left on my pitching platform. For a couple of years I even switched sides which gave me a completely different look at the stake. Open up the strike zone use the whole horseshoe and get more ringers.


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