Know Your Weakness

Everyone has one whether it be pitching short shoes, missing right, over-turning, etc your horseshoes are always telling you a story. If you don't know your weakness go out and pitch 40 shoes and mark down where each miss is. Review the results. Chances are the one which shows up most on your sheet is also the one that plagues you during tournament play. The idea is to first identify it then work solely on eliminating that thing which is holding you back. For example for me all the way up to when I got to 50% I always struggled with pitching short horseshoes. I knew if I wanted to make the next jump in average I needed to fix this so I worked hard at getting my height to be more consistent and I can honestly say that distance is probably my biggest strength now and has been for a long time. It will take some patience possibly some adjustments but once you have fixed your weaknesses your percentage will go up leaps and bounds.


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