Weight Does Matter

Picking the right weight of horseshoe is very important. The weight of your horseshoe affects a number of factors. A lighter horseshoe will be easier to pitch for young people or those that fatigue quickly. A light horseshoe will also turn or flip more easily. The down side of a light horseshoe is it more easily blown off line in the wind, bounces off more easily and is less durable than the heavier versions of the same model. By contrast a heavy horseshoe tends to be slower in the turn (for me about 1/8 turn for my 1 3/4 turn) but is also more stable which makes it more predicable. It is also less likely to bounce off and because to make a heavy version of a horseshoe it would be about 10-15% thicker it is stronger and more durable. Typically we recommend medium weight for anyone who does not know which weight they prefer it is a good starting point but the advantages of a heavy horseshoe should not be ignored. The NHPA (National Horseshoe Pitchers Assoc.) has a weight limit on how heavy a horseshoe can be which is 2lb10oz but there is no weight minimum. This should be an indicator that the heavier a horseshoe is the better the potential average. In the past a substantial amount of the best horseshoe pitchers in the World used heavy weight horseshoes. So did you find a horseshoe that feels really good but the turn or flip is not quite right. Try switching weights you will be surprised how the same horseshoe works so much differently in a heavier or lighter weight.


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