Learning the Turn Shoe

When learning to pitch a turn try a number of different grips on either the 1 3/4 side or the 1 1/4 side. After some time you will be able to determine which is best suited for you. Personally I believe the 1 1/4 is an easier shoe to learn and will give the user quicker results. Once you determine your grip focus only on landing the horseshoe open in the pit for the first while. Don't worry about ringers because without an open shoe hitting the peg is pointless. You should practice just trying to land the shoe open until you can do it 50% of the time. Then and only then are you ready to focus on hitting the peg and scoring ringers by the dozens. Even if you are not learning a turn but are gong to flip the horseshoe you need to first get the horseshoe to either flip once or twice in the air then land open at the stake so the same applies. Train your wrist to land that horseshoe open then worry about hitting the stake.


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