1990 World Horseshoe Tournament

This video is of me Kevin McLachlin pitching in the men's championship division for the first time in 1990 at Stone Mtn Georgia . My first game I drew as an opponent Jim Knisley from Ohio. I have always believed from the people I have played over the years Jim had the best 1 1/4 turn. It was not a hard shoe but just seemed to float in air. Jim would go on to become champion this year. As for me it was a great experience.


This video features some action from the 1990 world tournament in Stone Mtn Georgia. The pitchers in the main video are Art Tyson & Kevin McLachlin. Art was the master of the high pitch. Over the years he pitched around the 80% mark with both the 1 3/4 and the 1 1/4 turns. Although never winning the Men's title there were a few years where if not for a few bad breaks could have won the title. He was that good.


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